12:00pm-10:00pm Sunday-Thursday

12:00pm-11:00pm Friday-Saturday 

No Reservations

212-923-0575 - 1 BENNETT AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10033



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About Tampopo Ramen

Longtime residents of Washington Heights, husband and wife team Josh and Nanae Mameuda-Frank dreamed of creating a restaurant that improves on the neighborhood experience. Tampopo Ramen is Josh and Nana's first permanent location. Tampopo means "dandelion" in Japanese, but the name was inspired by their favorite food movie, Tampopo, a cult classic film by Itami Juzo about the quest for the perfect bowl of ramen.  

About the Noodles

Tampopo Ramen's recipes are inspired uniquely by Tokyo style Ramen. Our rich, delicious broths are chicken based and veggie based, with traditional flavors like Shio Classic, Shoyu (soy sauce), and Miso. Great ramen is approachable and comforting; to help you get through a rough week,  to reward you for a job well done - and to improve the day-to-day routine of living and working in Manhattan.