Meet the Owners: 

Husband and wife team Josh Frank and Nanae Mameuda-Frank dreamed of creating a restaurant that improves on the neighborhood experience. As food entrepreneurs in the last three years, they have catered for Sting and celebrity friends, opened multiple pop-ups through Urban Space Markets, and wowed fashionistas at Axis/Capsule Fashion week. Tampopo Ramen is Josh and Nana’s first permanent location and they are really excited to share their noodles with Washington Heights!

Josh Frank is a professional classical trumpet player and spent the last fifteen years performing with various artists including Yo Yo Ma, David Byrne, Sufjan Stevens, Bobby McFerrin, Bela Fleck, members of The National, Boyz II Men, and many others. He is currently a member of The Knights Chamber Orchestra. For the past ten years Frank has toured and performed throughout every region in Japan, hence his love for Japanese cuisine. He has eaten more ramen noodles than he cares to disclose publicly.

Nanae Mameuda-Frank was an executive assistant at a Japanese intimate apparel company. For her work she has traveled to Paris, France, Hong Kong, and Japan as a lead translator and communications specialist. With a great eye for design, much of the restaurant’s atmosphere is her vision. Born in Japan, Mameuda-Frank is passionate about exposing New Yorkers to Japanese cuisine beyond sushi.

Josh and Nana live in Washington Heights with their daughter.

Tampopo Ramen Press and Reviews: 

Now to the food, in a word, fantastic ... Just watching the kitchen staff prepare the ramen is entrancing. And clearly the level of love that goes into each bowl is evident ... Sorry Mom but the next time I have the flu it’s going to be Tampopo Ramen not your chicken soup. And her soup is pretty good!
— A.J. Sidransky, Uptown Collective